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Функции Фанка (30 выпуск)

очередной экскурс в прошлое в юбилейном 30 выпуске. ни какой современной музыки. только старые добрые пластинки родом из 70х. в этот раз я уделил немного внимания джазу начала 70х годов, который к концу первого часа трансформировал в диско-фанк. стиль музыки не очень мне близкий, но мне кажется у меня получилось показать так называемую «светлую» сторону этой музыки, ибо диско в период с 70х до 80х годов выпускалось чрезмерно много и добрая половина этого «добра» была просто не удобоварима даже для не искушённого слуха. я уделил внимание главным образом первой волне этой музыки — середине-концу 70х годов.

во второй половине программы вас ждёт солидный (во всех смыслах) гостевой микс от американского диггера L Dula. на этот раз это соул. самый разнообразный и разнокалиберный. медленный, быстрый, нежный, лихой и просто очень красивый. треклиста к второй части к сожалению нет.


1. Gabor Szabo — Fire Dance [Skye]
2. Ben Sidran — About Love [Capitol]
3. Nancy Wilson — Ode To Billie Joe [Blue Note]
4. Marva Josie — He Does It Better [Thimble]
5. Marion Black — Who Knows [Capsoul]
6. Cortex — La Rue [Disques Esperance]
7. Sweet Stuff — Freaky (To You) [Soul Town]
8. Free Form Experience — Reach Higher [Free Form]
9. Lee Austin (The Burner) — Gimme Your Hand [I Dentify]
10. Phil Flowers and The Flower Shop — Keep On Sockin’ It Children [A and M]
11. Eddie Bo — Check Your Bucket [Bo Sound]
12. Betty Wright — Let Me Be Your Lovemaker [Alston]
13. Osiris — Say You Will [Marlin]
14. Tommy Trojan — Leo I Am [JC]
15. Wilson Williams — Sho You Rite [ABC]
16. Free Spirit — Love You Just As Long As I Can [Chess]
17. Downtown — Funk Me Baby [ARC]
18. Stevo — Party Night [Shield]
19. Sun — Wanna Make Love [Capitol]
20. Tommy Trojan — Love Has The Power [JC]

L Dula — Soul Gleaning Mixtape

1. Intro by Shaw Dukes, I had left him numerous messages on his phone for days, then next thing I know I got an email with this track. He just chopped up my messages and put them over a beat that he did the night before.  So thanks SD…
2. Heart Full of Love, as with most of the tracks on this mix, I was going to put on a mix I was originally going to do for my wife but I figure I would just put them on this mix and share the music with everyone and so I can let everyone know that I love her and that she’s my Heart Full of Love. (ohhh)..
3. This track WoW! Its reminiscent of that Steve Parks track “Still Thinking of You”, not exactly the same but it really reminded me of that track.  “She’s a woman in a Meadow”…  Man good thing I was able to go to Austin in Oct. and have the FOS Mr. Cool Hands hook me up with some trades…
4. Ladies I hope you take some notes on this track.  Lyrics fresh yall girls can learn a thing or two from this Ladies song…  “When you’re sitting all alone, don’t be afraid to call him on the phone, when he gets there hold him, kiss him, Love Now if You Can”…  Word leave those mind games to the kiddies….
5.  You got me spinning around….  Another FOS sure shot trade!  Makes me want to play with my kids Beyblades!  LOL
6. FD&L bring’n it on this track!  Smooth — But I “Luz” You, even makin up their own words like me…  Did dude just say “The Ass smells fresh & mellow”???  LOL Crazy lyric, getting away with that in 1972….  FRESH fo sho!!!
7. Jerry Washington – In My Life I’ve Loved, straight gangsta, one times just gaffled’em up…
8. The Continental Breakfast – How can I pretend it’s not enough?  How about some steak and eggs or that chicken fried steak with grits and gravy?….
9. Ann Sexton – I’m His Wife.  Dang tellin it straight…
10. Barbara Hill – Can I Count on You
11. It’s not a puppet but a Frightened Girl…  Fresh Track by these dudes.  Really like this track, Soul Gleaning Baby!  Not rare but who said it has to be rare to be fresh!!!! Come on now!
12. Produced by Ray Charles himself, these Ladies putting it down!  Whoooo!!!  She said, “You know a little education neva hurt nobody” If you wanna keep him…  Sounds like a come-back to Ann Sexton’s cut on track #9.  Shoot it’s an original battle before Roxanne vs Roxanne Shante!
13.  Another fresh soul groover.  Nice, I think this was another one of those FOS trades not sure but I’m pretty sure!  YEAH!!!
14.  Just a Classic cut here not hard to find at all it just shows it don’t have to be rare to be fresh!  That’s right I said it again..  This track really has me runnin back and forth dancing around and I’m like eiht and I don’t dance, but this track you gotta at least try!
15.  Another Classic, Leroy Hutson on Curtom, I don’t care if I have the LP already I’m still gonna cop the 45 for a buck or two all day long! Dang straight it makes me feel good!!!
16. Oh Dang there goes my leg, I got that foot stompin goin on again!
17. What can I say, but Thanks FOS again for the nice trade!  I truly appreciate it, trades are fresh, I’m sure for both…
18. The Continental Breakfast at it again!!!
19. Another one from the dollar bins, you can hear the snap crackle and pop, wit some suga.
20.  I was on the fence on this track should I put it on or should I not, should I keep it for a funk mix nah…  It’s Super Soul Music…
21.  Got a couple of these in the dollar bin when I was in Texas on the last day of the Austin show.  It kind of boggled my mind why I would find two, I figure somebody probably got a grip and missed a couple.  This was one of the reason’s I called this mix Soul Gleaning….  Don’t know much about this group so I figured while I’m typing this I will go check the nets to see if this is rare or something…  Checking…  Interesting found something on Waxpoetic about dude apparently he worked for Motown, and he produced hits for the Whatnots, Ojays,  and the Moments.  Very interesting tid bit…  Gotta be glad there’s a rag like Waxpoetics.  Hey that kind of rhymed!  LOL I think I’ll spit!
22.  Well guess I got kind of side tracked, I was actually going to put in a little psych soul segment on this mix but noticed after I recorded this track how much time I was already into this mix so I just held a yellow butter fly in my hand…
23. And then when you free it!!!  “WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT” Oh my!!!!!!  I remember the first time I heard this track I was at a notorious Fam Royal spot and DJ PK Ripper aka Phil Kay had put this track on and all the folks that I was sitting with, all their faces melted off even our Pet bird (SNARKY), his beak melted when this track was played!  We all ran around the turntables and had our heads spinning trying to read the label while it was playing next thing you know people started to puke and another DJ that was there started Flexing his pecks like he was Melle Mel, I was mesmerized by this, it went left right, right left his pecks where flexin with the beat!!!  Later we found out it was a San Diego legendary DJ named Steven Flex, he was there with his cape holder and trusted sidekick boog-robin…  It was a strange night a New World was still yet to be found only by Curtis Mayfield and then it came in the mail as if our pet bird Snarky delivered it without a beak.
24. Gene Chandler – There Was A Time
25. SD aka Shaw Dukes Mid-tro….
26. I Choose You – Chicago Gangsters, I still like Willie’s version better, though this was pretty cool none the less and it was worth to put it on this mix.
27. Jean Peach – Here I Go Again.  Why do I got that track plum skinz in my head..  LOL!
28. Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Fallin’ In Love.  What a Classic….
29. Motherlode – When I Die another Classic
30. Sidney Joe Qualls – How Can You Say Goodbye…  So who came first Sidney Joe Qualls or Al Green???

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  1. Блестяще!

  2. Спассссссибо!!!

  3. Спасибо! Замечательная подборка, красивое сочетание и переходы.

  4. Анатолий, подскажите пожалуйста кто исполнитель трека I choose u, в конце микса L Dula?

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